The Walking Poets: From Machado to Moore They All Walked

                                                                                     Poem-Making With Jim Moreno (760) 802-2449

Sunday, July 21, 2019, 1:00 P.M. To 4:00 P.M.

@ The Beautiful Solana Beach Home of Poet Jim McCollum

After you register SD Writers, Ink will send you Jim's address.

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     This poem-making class for beginning to seasoned writers is not for the poet who wants to remain sedentary. Poet Jim Moreno, 71 years old, includes a walking regimen in his monthly schedule. A runner of 16 marathons when he was young, Moreno's research uncovered interesting facts about Spanish poet Antonio Machado. It seems that the poet who “spoke in verse & lived in poetry” had a philosophy about walking around Seville: the landscape, the history of the landscape, the colors that unfold, the synchronicity on the walk, & the universal beauty were all part of the walkers awareness for Machado.

     Teachers & Writers Magazine's Ron Padgett wrote an essay on poets that walked. Mr. Padgett suggests that there are 4 ways to write a “walk poem”:

1. A poem about what the poet sees during a particular walk.

2. A poem about a walk that produces a revelation of some kind.

    3. A poem whose length, style, and shape mirror the length, style, and shape of the walk.

    4. A poem that reflects the way the mind works during the walk.

    (When we’re out walking, our minds flow somewhat differently than they do when we sit at home.)

    Moreno's poem The Painter's Brush includes the poet's choices of mirth, mysticism, and mystery, blended with clarity and clout as the aesthetics of a poem and the heart of the storyteller. Here's the last stanza: We glanced at each other in unspoken awe and held our breaths/Our eyes whispered, “The sacred, we're in the sacred...”/Have you ever tip-toed backwards with a really good friend/Making no noise, afraid to wake from the dream/Afraid to disturb the strokes of the Painter's brush.

     Please remember this is not a critique workshop. Any encouragement to publish your poems from Jim is about amplifying a consciousness benefiting any reader of your poem in the realm of inspiration, motivation, imagination and contagion to write. We at San Diego Writers, Ink want this poetry workshop to augment writing from your heart in a Container of respect, safety, & reprieve. That wish mirrors the heart of our Mission Statement.

     Jim Moreno is the author of Dancing in Dissent: Poetry For Activism (Dolphin Calling Press, 2007) and two cd's of poetry & music. He is a Teaching Artist & on the Program Committee of San Diego Writers, Ink. Moreno is on the Advisory Board of the Poetic Medicine Institute in Palo Alto, California. Jim enjoys serving as a Regional Editor with the San Diego Poetry Annual. Mr. Moreno is a Teaching Artist with Arts For Learning where he was voted the Residency Teaching Artist of the Year in 2016-17. Moreno serves as the Poet-In-Residence for the Gateway Program at the Educational Cultural Complex. Jim also teaches in Juvenile Hall where his adjudicated students have won over $1700 in publishing and contest awards since 2007. 55 of his teenage students are published in this year's edition of the San Diego Poetry Annual, 2019-20. Jim hosts 2nd Sunday Jihmye Poetry Open Mic at The Spacebar Cafe & Wine Bistro, an open mic for music and spoken word in La Mesa. He'll be launching his new website on July 4, 2019. Contact Jim at,, or Instagram.






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