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Dancing in Dissent: Poetry For Activism
(Dolphin Calling Press, 2007)
Honorable Mention
2007 D.I.Y Book Contest

Honorable Mention
2007 London Book Festival


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Reversing the Erased,
Exhuming the Expunged

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CD includes poetry & music:    Large Marble 3 carma: history of the future  Large Marble 3 rememberances of agape: for martin luther king jr. Large Marble 3 diminshing polarity Large Marble 3 un mundo de paz Large Marble 3 reversing the erased: exhuming the expunged Large Marble 3 gripping thorns Large Marble 3 encounter in reno Large Marble 3 900 square miles of rubble - tragedy in three parts: for mark krasnoff & monique verdin Large Marble 3 someone's american son Large Marble 3 ask 5: for michael moore Large Marble 3 freckle interviews Large Marble 3 what has happened to my country Large Marble 3 stuck in the sand Large Marble 3 minutemen & klansmen aka if there's racism someone's making a lot of scratch selling hate Large Marble 3 el regalo del arbole (the gift of the tree): for pablo neruda Large Marble 3 day after storm waves
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Dancing in Dissent: 
Poetry for Activism

This poetry is written in the hopes that the country we love will return to our freedom roots by nonviolent means, by the tools of democracy, by the tool of nonelectric, paper ballot, by the tools of dissent so that all people on Turtle Island, an indigenous term for North America, citizen and immigrant, may have equal opportunity to live in peace and freedom with a living wage.

Dancing in Dissent is an artivist¡¯s (artist and activist) collection of poetry resonating with the legacy of, speaking out against injustice and oppression. As you read this book as a community of peaceful dissent from a poet among poets know that corporate amerikkka is not pleased.

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"This poetry is written in the hopes that the country we love 
                               will return to our freedom roots by nonviolent means..."
                                      - Jim Moreno, Author, Artivist(artist and activist)