The Revolutionary Poets Brigade
in Solidarity with 100 Thousand Poets For Change
Present a Reading for Social Justice at the Grassroots Oasis 
3130 Moore St., San Diego, CA 92110 Saturday, September 24, 2016
     POETS!  On Saturday, September 24th poets, musicians, and artists in over
500 events in over 100 countries will focus on issues of peace, social justice,
and sustainability.  
     This important annual global act of solidarity is the core activity of 100 Thoursand
Poets for Change, a nonprofit organization.  100 Thousand Poets for Change offers an
opoportunityfor a peaceful global discussion of issues such as war, global warming, poverty,
racism, gender inequality, homelessness, gun violence, police brutality, lack of afforable medical
care, censorship, animal cruelty, human cruelty, viiolence against women and people of color,
inequality of wealth distribution, a woman's right to choose, and others.  Join us and add your
voice to the inspiritng open and FREE event. 

Jim Moreno, Host, 100 Thousand Poets For Change

San Diego, CA September, 2016, National Latino Heritage Month


Program for The 100 Thousand Poets For Change 

 1:30 P.M.  Sign Up For the Open Mic following the Brigade Poets

2:00 P.M. Poets of  he Revolutionary Poets Brigade Read

3:00 Open Mic  Each poet reads 1 poem. 




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