A Video of Speakers Christian Ramirez and Dr. Peter Anderson on Immigration, Climate Change & Other Issues From the Below Flyer

A Gathering to Perusade You to Vote in November 
A photo of ICE Guns Drawn on A Child:

A Video of ICE Agents Breaking Down A Door with Children Crying In Fear, San Diego, CA This is being done in your name with your tax dollars. Vote in November to stop this terror.

The ReEvolutionary Poets Brigade of San Diego/Tijuana Presents:

Sunday September 23, 2018 at the Grassroots Oasis –2:30 P.M. To 4:30 P.M.
 A Social Justice Poetry Reading by the Brigade to remind you to vote in November,
Followed by and open mic and three speakers on the current issues of:
Speakers TBA 
The speakers will then have a Question & Answer Session
Grassroots Oasis, 3130 Moore St., San Diego, CA 92110 
2:30pm – 4:30pm
Voter Registration Forms will be provided before, during, and after the program.
The election is 100 days away.
The San Diego/Tijuana ReEvolutionary Poets Brigade is in solidarity with
Information: Contact Jim Moreno at 760 802-2449 or jimpoet.com

Press Release: For Immediate Release


Contact: Jim Moreno

(760) 802-2449 or [email protected]

Contact: The Lyceum Theater

(619) 544-1000

The Lyceum Theater & KNSJ Announce the Poetry Reading, Artivist Poetry of KNSJ, November 17, 2015, 6:00 P.M. To 6:45 P.M., A Prelude to the Play The Oldest Boy.
San Diego, CA―The Lyceum Theater and KNSJ, 89.1 FM and KNSJ.org, announce the news of Artivist (Artist & Activist) Poetry Of KNSJ, a poetry reading by four outstanding San Diego poets:
Theresa F, Sonia Gutierrez, Lizzie Wann, & Jim Moreno on the Lyceum Theater lobby stage one hour before the play, The Oldest Boy.
The Lyceum is located at Westfield Horton Plaza, 79 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101
The poets will read original poetry followed by a collage poem where four different poems are read as one poem in an interesting collaboration. The poetry performance will end 15 minutesbefore the play The Oldest Child begins so audience members can comfortably find their seats. Perhaps a quote from a Nikki Giovanni poem sums up the creativity of these four poets: “I hope I die warmed by the fire I tried to live.”
Theresa F has been using Word Sound as Power since 6th grade at Baker Elementary in San Diego. She is the creator of Sex, Drugs & Hip-Hop: A Non Hetero-Sexist Conversation for HIV Prevention & Safer Sex for All Ages!
Theresa has presented at various conferences across the US, Canada, and now Zambia. She has shared the stage with the Langston Hughes Poetry Circle, the Elevated crew, Quincy Troupe, as well as, Amiri Baraka.
Sonia Gutierrez is a professor of English at Mount San Jacinto College where she teaches English Composition and Critical Thinking and Writing.She is the co-advisor for the Palomar Poets and founder of our biannual Poetic Justice. She also teaches Creative Writing for Upward Bound at CSU-San Marcos.
Spider Woman/La Mujer Araña (Olmeca Press, 2013) is her debut bilingual poetry collection, and she is at work on a novel, Kissing Dreams from a Distance, among other projects.She is a Regional Editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual.
Lizzie Wann was an integral part of the development of the San Diego poetry scene in the early 2000s. She helped bring slam poetry to the city, created her own readings and produced original shows that featured poets and musicians. Lizzie also founded the Meeting Grace house concert series which ran from 2000-2008. Her work appears on CDs(A Wing & A Prayer and A New Leaf), in chapbooks including Familiars, Naked Wrists, and Complicated Skies and in anthologies including Comstock Review, Incidental Buildings & Accidental Beauty, A Year in Ink, volume 2, So Luminous the Wildflowers, and The San Diego Poetry Annual.
Jim Moreno is the author of Dancing In Dissent: Poetry For Activism (jimpoet.com) & two poetry and music cd’s. He is a Regional Editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual and the host of 2nd Tuesday-Jihmye Poetry Open Mic at the Cafe Cabaret. You can listen to Jim’s interviews on Poets’ Corner every weekday morning at 11:00 A.M on KNSJ, 89.1 FM.
 Information: (619) 544-1000 or 760 802-2449,