There are 12 shows recorded from the 2nd Tuesday - Jihmye Poetry Open Mic.

There are four interviews recorded for the “Poetry Is Political Show” including Shannon Linzer & Steve Kowit.

Ethan von Thillo, DJ Redlight, and Gillsotu had six minute interviews for “The Poet’s Corner”were recorded for the Latino Film Festival. Chris Wilson, one of the organizers of STOP ALECFEST 2015, had a six minute interview on 7/17/15. When TPC is aired it will be at 11:00 A.M. to 11:06 A.M.

4 Interviews at the Association of Raza Educators Conference on Stopping the Privatization of Public Education  were also recorded including Kelly Mayhew and Jesse Hagopian, editor of “Not A Score”, have been recorded.  Hagopian’s and Chris Wilson’s interview have air time.

Stay tuned because my editing skills are very green but I’m learning thanks to KNSJ’s Rob Andrews and News Director Jim Brewster. All these recordings are in Post Production and will air in the future.