Say No To Corporate Prison In San Diego's Otay Mesa Corrections Corporation of America is Bad News

AVISO – AQUAS! Warning – Watch Out!

Otay Mesa Grounds Preparation - The Realtor Denied Knowing Who Will Build Here
I am writing to you to alert you that the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is attempting to build a corporate prison in Otay Mesa. It is a “Border Patrol” prison being built on 40 acres near Donovan Prison to lockup undocumented campesinos (poor people) that la migra (the border patrol) calls “illegal aliens”. A local writer called CCA and they denied building a prison. He then contacted the county re building permits and found that CCA has submitted building permits for a prison, changed some items, and is waiting for approval for the changes as I write this to you.
Please remember that private prisons were outlawed in the United States by 1900 because of flagrant human rights abuses including abusive and criminal lodging, health care, food, and slavery work conditions. CCA has had over $100 million in lawsuits against it including wrongful death, failure to provide adequate medical care to prisoners, failure to control violence, substandard conditions which resulted in prisoner protests and revolts, & criminal activity with CCA employees including selling drugs to inmates. A corporate prison has a mission of staying at 90 % occupancy to cover costs and increase profits. This defeats any goal of rehabilitation (especially when it’s United States foreign policy (NAFTA) which marginalizes our hermanos y hermanas and drives them here to survive that needs rehab) We do not want this corporation in charge of the dog pound much less incarcerating starving, thirsty human beings.
As a poet I know my art is transformational. Let’s be artivists (artists & activists a la Mario Torrero) and transform this prison into a hospital, school, or university for people on both sides of the border. Let’s create a passport free zone like they have done successfully in Europe and defeat efforts to militarize our border further with martial consequences for people who need humanitarian kindness and aide.
Google your zip code and Congressional Representative and make calls, write letters, or send e-mails today. Ask your representatives to stop the building of this prison. Tell them we don’t want CCA in San Diego. CCA has a smaller unit right now that also needs to be stopped. Tell them we want a hospital, school, or university on that land. Tell them not to give President Obama $30 billion for more war when we need money for projects that further peace and help education and health.
Contact Bob Filner at (619) 422-5963, Christine Kehoe at (619) 645-3133, Barbara Boxer at (619 239-3884, and Barack Obama at (202) 456-1414 (White House switchboard) and tell them we don’t want CCA in San Diego. Call Barack Obama at (202 456-1414 and tell him we don’t want Alan Bersin as the border czar because 5,000 people have died as the result of Operaton Gatekeeper and we don’t like death policies of our government. You can do it. Be a voice for the voiceless. Fight back. Transform the system. Transform this prison into something that will help people all both sides of the border. Help defeat a militarized border and strengthen our border by furthering friendship with Mexico a la Dan Watman.
To get more information google “Problems with Corrections Corporation of America or contact me at (760) 802-2449. Our grassroots unity (Umoja) can transform this injustice most likely authored by the office of the border czar. Let’s make what’s up-side-down, right-side-up. I’ll be sending a poem soon.
Jim Moreno, San Diego, CA 12/9/09
Call to change prison to school/hospital/college Looking east on the 40 acres near Alta Rd.