Say No To Nuclear Arms

Hiroshima: City of Peace – for Leuren Moret &
Folded green paper cranes pray for peace
In jade Mother Earth gardens in the land of the rising sun
Sixty three years after the ball of fire,
The genbaku bomb, the atomic bomb
Burned 80,000 human beings in one instant,
Then radiation poisoned, the creeping dose to death
80,000 more human beings One year later,
Three hundred sixty five days of painful dying
From corporate design, commerce blueprint disguised as war…
Folded green paper cranes pray for peace…
Folded blue paper cranes cry peace
Blue water surrounding Honshu island, Hiroshima’s home place
Human beings died from incineration, from high heat thermal burns,
Mostly peaceful Buddhist human beings died from fallout beta burns,
Mostly Shin Buddhists died from gamma radiation burns,
From incessant diarrhea, from intestinal bleeding and dehydration,
Amida Buddha human beings dying in delirium and coma,
Death was inevitable the way infinite compassion elders,
Mahayana Buddhist men, Pure Land Buddhist women, and
Innocent children died was unconscionable
From corporate profit blueprint.disguised as war…
Folded blue paper cranes cry for peace…
Folded amber paper cranes chant peace,
Not only so asian Hiroshima will not be genbaku bombed again
But so no city, no human beings, no culture will be atomic-bombed again,
No rainbow child will die in agony with headaches, with uncontrollable
Bleeding in the mouth, bone-marrow destroyed,
No giver-of-life woman will die from burn tatooo design,
her dress design, burned deep in her dying, sterilized skin,
No ancient grandpa will die from infections or internal bleeding,
No venerable grandma will die from days of nausea and vomiting,
No human being will die for the corporate bottom line,
Folded amber paper cranes chant peace…
Folded black paper cranes insist on peace,
We say no to dirty bombs, We say no to dirty missiles,
We say no to dirty bullets, we say no to Memorandum 9,
The letter to General Leslie Groves, Oct. 30, 1943,
Head of the Manhattan Project 
Amerikkka’s atomic bomb program in World War II
We say no to this letter this murderous blueprint that said
Amerikkka’s scientists recommended
Killing by contamination, war by depopulation,
Not science for freedom, not science for life, not science for democracy,
Amerikkka’s scientists recommended killing by contaminating
Air, water, soil, food, and blood of innocent populations by
Radioactive poison weapons leaving their homes uninhabitable,
And their children deformed, mutilated, mutated,
And their children, and their children, and their children,
So Amerikkka’s scientists accept blood money,
Not funding for science which honors life,
But salaries which reflect the worst kind of facism and oppression.
And we have seen this unacceptable bloody blueprint in Hiroshima & Nagasaki,
We say no to policies of more recent times, since 1991,
Suicidal, genocidal, omnicidal economic blueprints
Of the ruling elite to depopulate and maim in
Lebanon, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan,
We say no! We say this is not the blueprint of democracy,
We say this is not the world map of the American people!
We say no! We say stop this insanity now!
On this vigil ground in front of this war ship that fought for freedom
During the time American leaders started to become Amerikkka’s leaders
On this vigil ground we say we are the sane ones, we create a zone of freedom
A place of peace. All around us we declare this place a port of peace, right here,
Right now!
We say peace over profit, peace over war, human beings before human indecency,
Folded black paper cranes insist on peace…
Folded red paper cranes demand peace,
From blood of innocents burned, poisoned, deformed,
Folded red paper cranes demand peace,
When you can call for peace and you remain silent
You give designers of this demented new world order power,
We say no to a sick new world order that benefits only the one percent
That aims to depopulate 2 billion people for wealth and empire,
We say no to the policies of the Illuminati, London Money Power,
Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and Skull and Bones –
We say no to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission,
The National Security Council and the U.S. State Department,
Predators of mass human genocide to maximize profits and accumulate wealth.
We say no to these shadow people who walk in crimson shadows & this day
We bring them to the light of truth and the dignity of ordinary people,
And we remind them that we know no fear when we shout the truth that
This weaponry violates the Geneva and Hague Conventions,
This weaponry violates the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol,
This weaponry meets the definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the U.S. Code
In two out of three categories.
This weaponry violates U.S. military law since
The United States signed the Hague and Geneva Conventions.
This weaponry violates the consciousness, hearts, and will of all Americans,
This weaponry ended tens of thousands of lives of mostly peaceful Buddhist human beings, August 6, 1945.
This weaponry is not used to defend democracy but to push the addiction of plutocracy:
Dope men of the worst kind, addicts of power, enemies of peace…
Folded red paper cranes demand peace…
Brown origami cranes cry wage peace
Today at this vigil, we wage peace
On the infamous morning of genbaku Little Boy
And the Enola Grief, the birds of Hiroshima,
Flying through the morning air,
Burst into flames and were incinerated
By the bomb exploded a mile above the City of Peace,
Birds from seven water deltas burst into flames,
As if they were made of paper, like folded paper cranes,
Seagulls burst into flames, feather torches of death,
The Copper Pheasant burst into flames,
The Japanese Green Pheasant died in flames,
The Mute Swan died burning, The Whooper Swan perished in flames,
The Tundra Swan burned in mid-air fire,
The Greater White-Fronted Goose exploded in flames,
The Tundra Bean Goose burned and died, The Snow Goose cried it’s last,
The Mandarin Duck, the American Wigeon, the American Scoter,
The Red-Throated loon, the Black-Faced Spoonbill, the Chinese Pond Heron
A thousand dozen birds died in flames,
As if they were made of paper, like folded paper cranes,
In one instant no birds, no buildings, no trees, no children, burned life, mutilated life,
No life, forever…
As men of shame, calling themselves patriots, walked to banks over bodies of innocents..
Brown origami cranes cry – wage peace – wage peace – remember peace! Forever…
Remember what happened to Hiroshima, the City of Peace…Forever….
Jim Moreno Summer 2008 63 years after so many died, not as propaganda says to save American lives,
but for empire, to prevent the Russians from claiming more territory. This poem is a voice for the voiceless,
the 140,00 mostly peaceful Buddhists who died that day and the following year from painful radioactive poisoning.